Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: The Calm Before the Storm


Ah, here you are again, another fun-filled chapter of your favorite guilty pleasure web novel. When we last left off, you had just witnessed our protagonist wake up in a strange new world with mysterious powers and a thirst for blood. Looks like things are going to get even crazier in this chapter. You’ve been waiting all week to dive back into this twisted tale of murder and mayhem in a fantasy world, and the suspense has been killing you (pun intended). What sinister schemes does our serial killer anti-hero have up his sleeve this time? What poor souls will become victims of his insatiable bloodlust? The calm before the storm is over, so grab your popcorn and settle in for a wild ride because this chapter is sure to be a killer.

Recap of Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 6

Recap of Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 6

In the last chapter, you were left with a cliffhanger after Shinigami transported you into a fantasy world as your in-game character to stop a serial killer. You met your companion, a mysterious mage named Claude, who agreed to team up to track down the killer.

While investigating in town, you discovered the killer’s latest victim – a young boy. The modus operandi matched previous killings, confirming the serial killer is here too. You interrogated witnesses and searched for clues, slowly piecing together the profile of a ruthless psychopath who enjoys torturing victims.

Sensing a pattern, you predicted the killer’s next target might be a local orphanage. Staking it out that night, your hunch was right. You caught the killer in the act, but he escaped after a fight, sustaining injuries.

Though battered, you felt triumphant having saved lives and gained ground on the case. The killer’s days terrorizing this world are numbered. You’re determined to catch him soon with Claude’s help. The people of this land will sleep safer knowing such a menace is no longer threatening the innocent.

After informing the town guard, you returned to the inn to rest up for the next day. The storm is coming as you close in on the serial killer, and you intend to be ready. Justice will be served.

Tensions Rise as the Tournament Nears

The tournament is only a week away and tensions are rising in the kingdom. As the competitors make their way to the capital, rumors swirl about who might emerge victorious. Some bets are already being placed at the local taverns and inns.

The Favorites

Prince Elias is considered a favorite to win the tournament by many. He is a skilled swordsman trained from a young age and has a thirst to prove himself. However, his overconfidence and quick temper could be his downfall.

Sir Gallant, the virtuous knight, is also a favorite. His chivalrous nature and mastery of combat have earned him fame across the land. While honorable, his rigid code of ethics may make him predictable. His fighting style is straightforward without much deception.

The wild card is the mysterious wanderer who goes by the name of “Crow.” Little is known about his background or fighting technique. His cunning and trickery have allowed him to defeat opponents who underestimated him. If he makes it to the final rounds, he could throw off the other competitors with his unorthodox style. However, his overreliance on deception could be exposed by a more seasoned fighter.

Dark Horses

A few unlikely but capable candidates remain who could pull off an upset. The twin princesses are more skilled than their delicate appearance suggests. A former army general with an ax to grind has also entered seeking to reclaim his honor. And a peasant boy with natural talent hopes to change his family’s fate.

The Calm Before the Storm
The Calm Before the Storm

With so many strong and determined fighters assembled, one thing is certain—the tournament will not disappoint. The week ahead promises to be filled with drama, twists and turns as the combatants vie for the ultimate prize. But only one will emerge as the new champion of the kingdom.

Main Character’s Inner Conflict Intensifies

The main character, Kazuma, is conflicted about what path to take next. On the one hand, he has started to bond with his adventuring party and sees them as useful allies, maybe even friends. However, his true nature as a serial killer makes it difficult for him to connect with others in a genuine way.

Inner Turmoil Rises

Kazuma’s bloodlust is intensifying as he spends more time around potential victims. He craves the thrill of the hunt and kill, but knows acting on these urges could jeopardize his place in the adventuring party as well as put him in danger of being caught. His desire for companionship wars with his desire for violence. This internal struggle leaves him feeling unsettled and irritable.

Every encounter with the princess and his party members heightens this conflict within. Their cheerful personalities and good-natured humor grate on his nerves even as a small part of him enjoys their camaraderie. He finds the princess’ naive and trusting nature particularly irksome, as it would make her such an easy target. Yet he also feels a strange protectiveness towards her at times.

Kazuma’s thoughts grow increasingly chaotic and confused. He knows he will have to make a choice soon between embracing either the killer or the hero within. The storm is coming, and he will no longer be able to live between these two worlds. His next actions may determine the fate of the kingdom as well as seal his own destiny. The calm is quickly fading, and a reckoning is at hand.

Kazuma’s inner turmoil intensifies with each passing day, like a violent storm building on the horizon. Dark clouds are gathering in his mind, threatening to overtake any shred of light that remains. The main character teeters on the edge of an abyss, about to either descend fully into darkness or claw his way back to the light. His next move will decide the outcome.

Predictions for Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 8

With the way Chapter 7 ended, there are a few predictions we can make for what might happen in Chapter 8 of Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu.

The Calm Before Another Storm

Chapter 7 focused mainly on character and relationship development. Now that Mei and Yuujirou have confessed their feelings for each other, Chapter 8 will likely pick up the pace again with action and drama. The “calm” period is over, so we can expect the story to ramp back up with intense scenes and plot twists soon.

Confrontation With the Killer

Mei and Yuujirou got distracted this chapter, but the serial killer is still out there. There will probably be another encounter with the murderer, now that the characters have had a chance to rest and recharge. The confrontation may reveal more details about the killer’s motives or backstory.

Difficult Decisions

With their newfound closeness, Mei and Yuujirou may have to make hard choices that affect each other. They could uncover clues that force them to decide between following the correct legal procedures or taking matters into their own hands. These types of moral dilemmas would add extra layers of conflict and drama.

New Allies or Enemies

Additional characters, whether allies or adversaries, may be introduced. For allies, Mei and Yuujirou could gain access to resources or information through new contacts. For enemies, a new villain or organization could emerge as an obstacle, complicating their investigation. Either way, new characters would bring fresh dynamics and plot points to liven up the story.

Chapter 8 is primed to pick up where Chapter 7 left off, balancing action and character development. With the killer still at large and difficult decisions on the horizon, Mei, Yuujirou, and any new characters have challenging times ahead. But after facing hardship together, their bond may be strengthened further in the process. The story continues…


And there you have it, loyal readers. As our protagonist revels in his twisted victory and celebrates by gorging himself on takoyaki, dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. The mysterious Organization has taken notice of his murderous escapades and dispatched their agents to put an end to his killing spree. Little does he know the forces assembling against him or the dangers that lurk around every corner. The calm days of carefree killing are coming to an end. A storm is coming that will shake the very foundations of this isekai world. The final showdown looms before us. Are you ready? The thrilling conclusion to this bloody tale of death and depravity is fast approaching. Strap in, folks. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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